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We are producing effective liquid glide waxes for skis (both XC and downhill), luges and snowboads. Our company is located in Germany`s Westerwald. CEO Frank Zipp personally is the man behind the developments and the striking success of ZIPPS waxes. We are specialized in liquid glide waxes, as they own some impressing advantages over traditional hot waxes: technical advance for faster gliding, easy and time-saving use. Our brand has been around for more than 15 years. So we claim really longtime hands-on experience in this area.

Top athletes and casual skiers alike stand to benefit from our innovative formulas, which are the result of our specialization in liquid wax technology.

We are thrilled to learn that many international top-level teams use ZIPPS waxes in world cup races. It confirms our motivation that ZIPPS products are among the most frequently used waxes in professional winter sports. Because ZIPPS waxes are top and so they are indispensable for high-performance sport.


Among connoisseurs ZIPPS stands for


► professional work, based on scientific findings, including our own scientific research

► innovative strength, which brings us international recognition and success year after year

► a complete and well-arranged assortment of glide waxes and intelligent accessories

► reliable and outstanding quality, which we can guarantee because of high technological standards and on-site fabrication

► sensitive optimising of our products, instead of a growing product range or constantly new releases.



Our full range of liquid waxes guarantees the right wax for any condition. So our effective waxes inspire ambitious recreational skiers and international elites alike.  


Please see "Service" for overlooks of our waxes and accessories.




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